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Eilean An Fhraoich

Eilean An Fhraoich

Digital release: 26th January 2013
Limited edition digipak CD release on Le CrÚpuscule du Soir Productions: 27th January 2014
Independent CD release: 29th December 2014

1. Gealach ShlÓn [4:51]
2. Summer Haze [15:32]
3. Eilean An Fhraoich [9:47]

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1. Gealach ShlÓn
(Music by D˛mhnall Alasdair)


2. Summer Haze
(Music and lyrics by D˛mhnall Alasdair)

I stop to catch my breath by a loch so deep and still
As blue as the sky above my head
I plant both my feet among the heather and the grass
And inhale the sweet summer air
The silence of the moor is ringing in my ears
Like the cries of the skylarks high above
And just for a moment, nothing can I hear
But my thoughts and the beating of my heart

I lie upon the bank of a stream so crystal clear
And feel the sun upon my face
The rushing of the water and the songs of the birds
Embrace my body and my mind
The brilliance of the sun is imprinted on my eyes
Like the beauty of the moorland all around
And just for this moment, nothing can I see
But a hundred million miles of perfect sky

The sun shines into the corners of my mind
Illuminates the gloom and the dark
Shadows are banished from the land
The kingdom of light will prevail!
And in this medicated state
High on the thick summer haze
I almost begin to believe
That all is good in the world

The warmth penetrates the depths of my soul
Melts away the ice and the frost
The cold which for so long has ruled
Has fled, never to return!
And in this intoxicated state
Drunk on the thick summer haze
I almost dare to believe
That all is good in the world

3. Eilean An Fhraoich
(Music by D˛mhnall Alasdair)